Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner


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Low power consumption, about 45 minutes of battery life, strong suction, so that dirty things have nowhere to escape.
About 0.365KG, weight reduction, can be cleaned for a long time, will not feel very tired.It’s easy to collect and carry.
Below 70 points, it’s almost impossible to get you to rest, so cleaning doesn’t have to worry about affecting your family’s rest.
Anywhere can be charged, computers, power bank, power can be charged, charging about 3.5 hours can be fully charged.
It’s easy to clean up dust in the car and in the room.
Unscrew the dust and remove the dust, clean the core, dust bucket with water, and then dry it back.
Corners that cannot be cleaned can be cleaned using a variety of accessories from the vacuum cleaner.


Product name:Cordless vacuum cleaner
Color: black, white
Dimensions: 24.4 x 15.7CM
Volume: 0.2L
Rated voltage:7.4V
Rated power:120W
Product suction: 8000Pa
Duration: About 45 minutes
Charging time: Approximately 3.5 hours to fill the battery

Package Included:

1*Vacuum cleaner
1*Floor brush
1*Flat nozzle
1*1*USB charging cable

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