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This product is a car FM transmitter with MP3 function, it uses a dedicated 5.0 high-performance wireless module, and built-in high-quality MP3/WAM decoder chip. It can transfer the music inside the U disk to the car audio, as long as your phone supports BT. After the connection is successful, the music can be sent to your car audio through the car FM. You can enjoy the music without modifying your car. If there is an incoming call, the caller number will be automatically broadcast. After answering, you can switch your call to hands-free status and continue playing music after the call ends (which make your driving safer and enjoy music).


1. Wireless FM transmitter MP3 player with colorful ambient light and digital voltmeter for car.

2. Bluetooth-compatible car FM transmitter with built-in microphone supports hands-free call, convenient and safe, CVC noise-reduction process ensures crystal clear sound during a call.

3. Memory Pairing function that connects to the devices automatically when you restart the MP3 player, 

4. 3 USB output, PD/QC3.0/5V-3A USB, charge your devices like phones and tablets.

5. Support USB and TF memory card audio input, the file formats of *MP3/*WMA/*WAV/*FLAC 


Material: ABS

Model: T70

Power Supply Voltage: 12-24 V

Output: USB+PD

Display Size: 1.1″

Power Supply: car lighter

Storage Capacity: n/a

Package Includes:

1 x Car FM Transmitter

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